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Copy DVD and CD disks in one click

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One-click CD/DVD Copy - copy your CD and DVD disks in one mouse click!

One-click CD/DVD Copy
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Last version: 1.12
Release date: 23 November 2008
Download size: 1.8Mb
License: free to try
Trial limitation: 3 CD/DVD copy
Full version price: $49

What does it do?

CD DVD copy;
Copy DVD movies;
Copy CD/DVD;
Copy audio CD;
Copy backup DVD and CD;
Copy MP3-CD and MP3-DVD;
Copy CD to DVD;
Make 1:1 copy;
Make true DVD copy;

How does it look like?

Copy CD/DVD disks directly from your Windows Explorer without launching any application. Simply right-click CD or DVD in "My computer" or Windows Explorer to make its copy on a blank disc or hard drive. This no-frills CD DVD copy software supports all kinds of CD and DVD disks, allows drive to drive copying and it's completely automatic. You can make as many CD/DVD copies as you like with just one click not even running an application. Copy DVD movies, protected DVDs, copy audio CDs, MP3 music, data backups, and any other CD/DVD disks you have. It can create multiple high-quality CD/DVD copies and copy any DVD movies with just one click.

How to make CD or DVD copy?
Copy CD and DVD disks easier than ever before! No need to launch any application and waste time with overcomplicated interface. One click - one copy, that's One-click CD/DVD Copy. It seamlessly integrates into Windows right-click menu and becomes a part of it. Forget about tons of buttons, all you need to do is right-click your CD or DVD to copy it.

Copy DVD movies
Make a true copy of DVD movies without quality loss with One-click CD/DVD Copy. It can clone all your movies and doesn't reduce the quality since it makes real 100% copy on blank DVD.

Copy protected CD/DVD
One-click CD/DVD Copy can disable protection of region-protected and CSS-encrypted DVD making a lossless copy on a blank disk or on your computer.

Copy audio CD disks with One-click CD DVD Copy
Borrowed audio CDs collection? Now you can make 1:1 copies of audio CDs without quality loss. One-click CD/DVD Copy makes 100% CD music clones on blank CDs. Enjoy perfect audio CD copies with one simple click.

Make a backup copy of any CD and DVD
You can copy CD and DVD disks of any kind with One-click CD/DVD Copy. Not only DVD movies, but also music, MP3, games, office documents and data CD/DVD. It never been so easy! Insert any disk in your drive, right-click and get a perfect CD/DVD copy!

Backup to computer
Want to save a copy of your disk to your computer? One-click CD/DVD Copy has an option to make CD or DVD copy on a hard disk. Pick "Store to local folder" and get an ISO image copy of CD or DVD.

Copy CD to DVD
With One-click CD/DVD Copy you can make 1:1 copies of your CDs not only on blank CDs, but even on DVD media. Copy multiple CDs to one DVD disk without quality loss!

Make multiple CD DVD copies
Want to make five copies of DVD movie for your friends? One-click CD/DVD Copy can make as many copies as you like! Just choose how many copies you want to get and it's done.

Copy from drive to drive
If you have two or more CD/DVD drives it can copy CD and DVD directly from drive to drive on the fly. You just insert DVD you want to copy into one drive, blank DVD into another one and let One-click CD/DVD Copy do the rest!

Supports all kinds of CD and DVD media
One-click CD/DVD Copy supports copying all known types of CD and DVD media, like CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R Double Layer, DVD+RW Double Layer.

Quick start with one click
One-click CD/DVD Copy interface is so easy that you even don't need to run the program and don't need to know how exactly it copies your disc. You just right-clicking and getting your copy. However if you still don't know how to use Windows right-click menu we made an animated tutorial for you. It will help you start with One-click CD/DVD Copy upon installation.

Does this software meet my expectations?

Yes, if you need to copy CD DVD disks
Yes, if you've got audio CDs and want to make 1:1 copies
Yes, if you need to copy DVD movies without quality loss
Yes, if you need instant copy-maker to copy CD/DVD disks
Yes, if you're tired of bulky DVD copiers and need something really one click

If your answer is "Yes" download and try One-click CD/DVD Copy right now!

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23 November 2008

We've just released One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.12. This update features lot of bugfixes including fixing a "hang-up" bug when copying process accidently stopped. Click to download new release.

05 June 2008

One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.11 has been released. This minor update fixes a rare bug that might take place while copying a CD under some circumstances. Click here to download this fix.

15 March 2008

One-click CD/DVD Copy updated to v1.9. This minor update features compatibility with 64-bit Windows and some minor upgrades. Click here to download One-click CD/DVD Copy version 1.9.

28 November 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy is now version 1.8. Added an option to save a backup copy to computer (in ISO image format). Stored copy may be then burned to blank disk or used by virtual CD/DVD emulation software. Click here to get new version.

11 September 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy is updated to version 1.7. Fixed 'cannot change writing speed' failure. Some minor fixes. Click here to download.

28 May 2007

Minor update of One-click CD/DVD Copy is out. In version 1.5 fixed "internal error #1105" in rare cases. Click here to download.

18 April 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy updated to version 1.4. In this release we fixed problem with DVD-Video content protection and fixed issues may cause with some Lite-On and Panasonic drives. Click here to download now!

23 March 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy is now version 1.3. Fixed on-the-fly DVD copying fail in some cases. Now it uses different method to determine CD disc capacity. Fixed writing DVD+R DL media on Lite-on drives and double layer media detection on NEC drives. Also in this release we made disc analysis a little faster. Click here to download new release!

15 March 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.2 has been released. Fixed issue with DVD content protection and CD media capacity determination. This update also includes some minor tweaks in interface and tutorial. Click here to download new version.

14 February 2007

New version of One-click CD/DVD Copy is out. In version 1.1 we've added option to copy to non-blank discs. Minor changes and bugfixes. Download new version clicking here.

02 February 2007

One-click CD/DVD Copy has been released! One-click CD/DVD Copy can copy any CD and DVD disks, not only DVD movies, but also audio CDs, MP3 discs, backup DVD and CD and etc. You don't even need to run any application, just right-click the disc in Windows Explorer or My computer and get your copy! Try this really "one click" CD DVD copier clicking here.

One-click DVD Ripper

Rip DVD movies into Mpeg/DivX AVI files on your hard drive. Just right-click your DVD to get a video that fit a CD, 4.7Gb DVD-R, 2 or 3 splitted CDs. Alternatively you may specify you own size or quality you want. One-click DVD Ripper easily converts protected DVD movies into unprotected video files.

Download One-click DVD Ripper

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One-click CD/DVD Writer

Burn your files and folders to CD and DVD disks, burn audio CDs from MP3 files and erase rewritable disks directly from your Windows Desktop without launching any application.

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